Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Film Club Presents: 'HEATHERS' - "Are We Going To Prom, Or To Hell?"

After a wee summer break (and what a glorious summer its been here in Glasgow), we're back to ease you into the darker nights with a whole host of awesome for this season's FILM CLUB - and to kick it all off - what would be better than a slice of 80's cult cinema with high school satire Heathers.

Massive shoulder pads, poisonous cliques, teen-suicide & murder.....this is the high school movie that took a croquet mallet to the rules & redefined the genre once and for all - not a Molly Ringwald in sight!


The politics of high school have never been so cruel as when doled out by one the Heathers, a vicious clique of girls (all called Heather) intent on dishing out their own brand of intimidation to the less fortunate. These are the original Mean Girls - and boy, are they mean! That is until fellow clique member Veronica (Winona Ryder) falls for rebel newcomer J.D (Christian Slater) & together they forge a plan to end the Heathers reign of terror once & for all.

Dark, satirical & delectably self aware - Heathers is a masterclass in teen-cyncism. More than 20 years after its release - the themes are just as subversive & the diaglogue just as razor-sharp. 

If that's not enough, its also got Christian Slater being all kinds of amazing doing his best Jack Nicholson impression in a show stealing performance as J.D - the seductive Clyde to Veronica's delightfully dead-pan Bonnie.

Smart, funny & grotesquely nasty - Heathers is the definition of black comedy. If for some unknown reason this cult classic of sorts as passed you by or even if you've seen it a million times before but just want to indulge in some 80's nostalgia  - get yourself down to The Glad Cafe on 3rd Sept 2013, cause y'know "The extreme always seems to make an impression" - and we're sure Heathers will.

Tues 3rd Sept - 8pm (doors 7:30)
Tickets - £6/5 conc. - available online at Ticket Scotland or at The Glad Cafe.

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