Sunday, 28 April 2013

I ♥ SFF'13

Hello folks, Laura here! I’m one of the new volunteers with the Southside Film Festival & I’m here to tell you all how super-excited I am to get involved with all the goings on in 2013. 

Having studied Film many moons ago, worked in events & volunteered with various other film festivals, I’ve now made a complete U-turn and been working in a completely unrelated field . My love for film however, has never waned - I’ve been keen to get back involved with the industry in some respect and the Southside Film Festival has offered a wonderful opportunity to work alongside some of the most amazingly talented & passionate film fans this side of the Clyde. I have been absolutely bowled over by the enthusiasm of the team of volunteers I’ve met so far who are offering up their time & skills to get involved and help bring film back to the Sou’side . 

That very distinct Southside community feel seems to have filtered through into the organisation process so far with everybody mucking in & working hard to help make the 2013 festival  a huge success. 

We’ll be looking to update the blog as often as possible over the next few weeks with all the goings on from behind the scenes in the lead up to the festival, so keep checking back to see what kind of fun we’re all getting up to. 

In the meantime, keep yer peepers peeled for a copy of this years programme which we started distributing in & around the southside yesterday - you can also check it out online here.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter (and get involved in all the chat using the #southsidefilm hashtag) & 'Like' us on Facebook to keep upto date with all things Southside.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

2013 Film Festival Programme

We picked up our programme from Forward Graphics yesterday and have started to distribute them around the festival venues as well as other cafes and shops in the Southside.

An excerpt from the introduction by festival director, Karen O'Hare: "We continue to create ‘pop up’ cinemas around the Southside so you can watch films in a pub, cafe, museum, garden, community hall... and site specific screenings add to the viewing experience - watch a documentary about a photojournalist in a photography club, a film about caravanning in a scout hall and music documentary in a gig venue . The mighty Wurlitzer Cinema Organ is back with live accompaniment to Soviet classic, Battleship Potemkin. And alongside the films there is a filmmaking workshop for teenagers, an animation workshop for kids and the film quiz is back!"

You can view our programme online here.

We've also created this at-a-glance guide for the 2013 Southside Film Festival:

at a glance guide