Friday, 30 August 2013

Film Club flyers

Our flyers for Autumn Film Club at The Glad Cafe have arrived and our team of dedicated volunteers will be distributing them across the Southside this weekend. Just in time for our first screening - Heathers on Tuesday 3rd September.

The eagle eyed amongst might have spotted that there's now a 6th screening included on the flyer. This is Robot & Frank which we are screening on Tuesday 15 October in partnership with the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. This is an exciting additional screening to our other Autumn Film Club ones in partnership with The Glad Cafe and there are more details here.

If you see any of our flyers whilst you're out & about or think there is somewhere good we should be putting them then get in touch via twitter or facebook or by email and use the hashtag #southsidefilm.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Film Club Presents: 'HEATHERS' - "Are We Going To Prom, Or To Hell?"

After a wee summer break (and what a glorious summer its been here in Glasgow), we're back to ease you into the darker nights with a whole host of awesome for this season's FILM CLUB - and to kick it all off - what would be better than a slice of 80's cult cinema with high school satire Heathers.

Massive shoulder pads, poisonous cliques, teen-suicide & murder.....this is the high school movie that took a croquet mallet to the rules & redefined the genre once and for all - not a Molly Ringwald in sight!


The politics of high school have never been so cruel as when doled out by one the Heathers, a vicious clique of girls (all called Heather) intent on dishing out their own brand of intimidation to the less fortunate. These are the original Mean Girls - and boy, are they mean! That is until fellow clique member Veronica (Winona Ryder) falls for rebel newcomer J.D (Christian Slater) & together they forge a plan to end the Heathers reign of terror once & for all.

Dark, satirical & delectably self aware - Heathers is a masterclass in teen-cyncism. More than 20 years after its release - the themes are just as subversive & the diaglogue just as razor-sharp. 

If that's not enough, its also got Christian Slater being all kinds of amazing doing his best Jack Nicholson impression in a show stealing performance as J.D - the seductive Clyde to Veronica's delightfully dead-pan Bonnie.

Smart, funny & grotesquely nasty - Heathers is the definition of black comedy. If for some unknown reason this cult classic of sorts as passed you by or even if you've seen it a million times before but just want to indulge in some 80's nostalgia  - get yourself down to The Glad Cafe on 3rd Sept 2013, cause y'know "The extreme always seems to make an impression" - and we're sure Heathers will.

Tues 3rd Sept - 8pm (doors 7:30)
Tickets - £6/5 conc. - available online at Ticket Scotland or at The Glad Cafe.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Film Club returns

We're delighted to announce that film club is back for Autumn 2013! 

Here's the line up for our 5 core Film Club screenings at the Glad Cafe and we have a couple of other screenings planned, details of those will be announced soon.

In September, on Tuesday 3rd we'll be screening Heathers - the 80's cult classic black comedy about high school cliques.

In October, on Tuesday 8th we'll be showing Swedish horror film Let the Right One In/Låt den Rätte Komma In.

For November, there's a chance to catch the brilliant performances from Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in Behind the Candelabra on Tuesday 5th.

In December, there'll be two screenings one on Tuesday 3rd In Bruges and on Sunday 15th something for the kids with The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists!

Tickets will be on sale soon - keep an eye out for details. Once they are available you can buy them online from Ticket Scotland and in person at the Glad Cafe and on the door.

The Southside Film Festival in partnership with The Glad Cafe has run a successful film club since October 2012. Our monthly films are screened in the great space at The Glad Cafe on a Tuesday evening at 8pm, with one kids matinee screening per season at 4pm. 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Festival photographs

We've added lots of images from the festival to our Flickr pages here and there's a sample of what you can expect to see below. We were very fortunate again this year to have photographers volunteer their time and skills to help us document the festival and you'll see some of these images appear in our review which we're working on just now.

First up are photographs from Ashleigh H Thomson, a creative photographer and image editor based in Glasgow. You can see more of her work here.
Images by Ashleigh H Thomson
Then we have photographs taken by Shane McGill, one of our core volunteers who's been involved from the beginning and sorts out our media and PR stuff in the run up to the festival.
Images by Shane McGill
And finally, those who can't, instagram instead! Selcuk Colakoglu set up and manned our instagram account over the festival and did a sterling job of it.
Images from our instagram